Fishing is an exhilarating hobby that provides relaxation and excitement. Old School Runescape (OSRS) provides a virtual world that allows you to pursue your fishing dreams. One of the best places to fish in OSRS is the Fishing Guild. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the Fishing Guild in OSRS.


The Fishing Guild is located in the western part of the city of Hemenster. It is situated north of East Ardougne and south of Sinclair Mansion. To access the Fishing Guild, you must have level 68 fishing or higher. You can enter the guild by paying 5 gold coins to the guard at the door.

Fishing Spots

The Fishing Guild is renowned for its abundance of fishing spots. Players can fish for a variety of fish, including lobsters, swordfish, tuna, and sharks. The Fishing Guild also has a special area for catching minnows and anglerfish.

The minnows can be caught using a small fishing net, and they provide a good source of fishing experience. Anglerfish, on the other hand, are caught using fishing rods and require level 82 fishing. They provide a good source of fishing experience and healing.

Fishing Boosts

To make the most of your fishing experience in the Fishing Guild, you can use fishing boosts. Fishing boosts increase your chances of catching fish and can be obtained by consuming certain items. Here are some of the most popular fishing boosts in OSRS:

  • Fishing Potion: This potion increases your fishing level by 3 for a short period.
  • Admiral Pie: This pie increases your fishing level by 5 for a short period.
  • Dragon Harpoon: This harpoon provides an additional 20% chance of catching fish.

Fishing Equipment

To fish in the Fishing Guild, you need certain fishing equipment. Here are some of the essential fishing equipment that you’ll need:

  • Fishing Rod: You need a fishing rod to catch anglerfish.
  • Small Fishing Net: You need a small fishing net to catch minnows.
  • Lobster Pot: You need a lobster pot to catch lobsters.
  • Harpoon: You need a harpoon to catch swordfish and tuna.
  • Shark Fishing Gear: You need shark fishing gear to catch sharks.

Fishing Rewards

Fishing in the Fishing Guild provides various rewards. The fish you catch can be sold for a profit, or you can use them to cook and gain cooking experience. Here are some of the most profitable fish that you can catch in the Fishing Guild:

  • Sharks: Sharks are the most valuable fish that you can catch in the Fishing Guild. They can be sold for a high price on the Grand Exchange.
  • Anglerfish: Anglerfish are also valuable and provide a good source of healing.
  • Lobsters: Lobsters are a good source of income and can be sold for a decent price.


The Fishing Guild is an excellent place to fish in OSRS. It provides a wide variety of fishing spots, fishing boosts, and rewards. To make the most of your fishing experience, be sure to bring the necessary fishing equipment and use fishing boosts. Happy fishing!

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