Fishing Trawler is a popular mini-game in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), which requires players to board a trawler boat and fish for various fish while avoiding obstacles and repairing damages. It’s a fun and engaging activity that can also be a source of decent income and fishing experience. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the OSRS Fishing Trawler.

How to Access Fishing Trawler

Fishing Trawler can be accessed by talking to Murphy, who can be found in Port Khazard, east of Yanille. He will take you to the Fishing Trawler area, where you can board the trawler boat.

How to Play Fishing Trawler

The objective of Fishing Trawler is to catch as many fish as possible while avoiding obstacles and repairing damages to the boat. The boat can hold up to 100 fish, and each fish caught adds one point to the player’s score. The game lasts for 10 minutes, and players need at least 5 points to receive a reward.

Fishing Spots

There are six fishing spots on the Fishing Trawler boat, each with a different chance of catching fish. The spots are:

  • Net/Bait (30% chance of catching fish)
  • Net/Cage (28% chance of catching fish)
  • Lure/Bait (22% chance of catching fish)
  • Lure/Cage (17% chance of catching fish)
  • Harpoon/Bait (2% chance of catching fish)
  • Harpoon/Cage (1% chance of catching fish)

Players can switch between fishing spots by clicking on them or using the hotkeys (1-6).


While fishing, players will encounter various obstacles that can damage the boat or make it harder to catch fish. The obstacles are:

  • Seaweed (reduces fishing success rate)
  • Swamp Bubbles (reduces boat health)
  • Rats (reduce boat health and steal fish)
  • Whirlpool (moves the boat to a random location)

Players can either avoid or fix the obstacles by clicking on them or using the hotkeys (Q-W-E-R).

Repairing Damages

If the boat’s health drops to 0, the game ends and the players are teleported back to Port Khazard. To prevent this, players need to repair damages to the boat. The boat has five sections that can be repaired:

  • Hull (main boat health)
  • Net (fishing success rate)
  • Rudder (boat movement speed)
  • Deck (fish storage capacity)
  • Crane (fishing spot chance of catching fish)

Players can repair damages by clicking on the damaged section or using the hotkeys (A-S-D-F-G).


Players receive a reward for participating in Fishing Trawler, even if they don’t meet the 5-point requirement. The rewards are:

  • 1-4 points: 1-2 Raw Fish
  • 5-9 points: 3-4 Raw Fish
  • 10-14 points: 5-7 Raw Fish
  • 15+ points: 8-10 Raw Fish

Players can also receive a piece of the Angler’s outfit, which increases the catch rate of fish by 5% when worn. The outfit pieces can be obtained randomly while fishing, with a higher chance of obtaining them at higher fishing levels.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you succeed in Fishing Trawler:

  • Bring a lot of fishing bait or feathers, as you will need them to catch fish.
  • Focus on repairing the Hull and Net first, as they are the most important sections of the boat.
  • Use the hotkeys to quickly switch between fishing spots and repairing damages.
  • Avoid the Harpoon fishing spots, as they have a very low chance of catching fish.
  • Try to fish from the Lure/Bait and Net/Bait spots, as they have the highest chance of catching fish.


Fishing Trawler is a fun and rewarding mini-game in OSRS that can provide a unique and challenging experience for players. By following the tips and tricks in this guide, you can improve your chances of catching more fish and receiving better rewards. So grab your fishing gear and head to Port Khazard to try your luck at the Fishing Trawler!

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