If you’re an adventurer in the virtual world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS) and you’re looking to hone your fishing skills, you’ve come to the right place. Fishing is not only a popular activity within the game but also a profitable one. In this comprehensive OSRS Fishing Guide, we will take you through the basics of fishing, the different methods and locations available, and provide valuable tips to help you become a master angler in Gielinor.

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding Fishing in OSRS
    • What is Fishing in OSRS?
    • Why is Fishing Important?
    • Fishing Equipment and Tools
  2. Fishing Methods
    • Net Fishing
    • Bait Fishing
    • Fly Fishing
    • Harpoon Fishing
    • Cage Fishing
  3. Fishing Locations
    • Free-to-Play Fishing Spots
    • Members-Only Fishing Spots
  4. Leveling Up Fishing
    • Beginner Fishing Levels (1-20)
    • Intermediate Fishing Levels (20-40)
    • Advanced Fishing Levels (40-99)
  5. Fishing Quests
    • Sea Slug
    • Fishing Contest
    • Swan Song
    • Dragon Slayer II
  6. Fishing for Profit
    • High-Level Fishing Methods
    • Fishing Resources and Their Value
    • Trading Fish for Profit
  7. Fishing Tips and Tricks
    • Utilizing Fishing Boosts
    • Minimizing Time Wasted
    • Efficient Inventory Management
  8. Fishing Events and Activities
    • Fishing Trawler
    • Tempoross
    • Minnow Fishing
  9. Fishing Skillcape and Perks
    • Obtaining the Fishing Skillcape
    • Perks of the Fishing Skillcape

1. Understanding Fishing in OSRS

What is Fishing in OSRS? Fishing in OSRS is a skill that allows players to catch fish from various bodies of water throughout the game world. It involves using different fishing methods, equipment, and tools to catch fish, which can be consumed for healing or cooked for profit.

Why is Fishing Important? Fishing serves multiple purposes in OSRS. It provides a source of food for players, which is essential for sustaining health during combat or long journeys. Additionally, certain fish can be sold for a considerable profit, making fishing a lucrative skill to master.

Fishing Equipment and Tools To effectively fish in OSRS, you’ll need specific equipment and tools. These include fishing rods, fishing nets, baits, harpoons, and cages. Each type of fishing method requires a specific combination of equipment.

2. Fishing Methods

Net Fishing Net fishing involves using a small fishing net to catch fish in designated fishing spots. This method is commonly used for catching low-level fish such as shrimps and anchovies.

Bait Fishing Bait fishing requires players to use a fishing rod and bait to catch fish. It is typically used to catch mid-level fish such as trout and salmon.

Fly Fishing Fly fishing involves using a fly fishing rod and feathers to catch fish. It is mainly used for catching trout and salmon.

Harpoon Fishing Harpoon fishing is used to catch fish such as tuna and swordfish. It requires a harpoon and can be done from various fishing spots.

Cage Fishing Cage fishing is a method used to catch lobsters and other higher-level fish. It requires a lobster pot and can be done from specific fishing spots.

3. Fishing Locations

Free-to-Play Fishing Spots Free-to-play players have access to several fishing spots, including the Draynor Village, Barbarian Village, and Lumbridge locations. These spots provide opportunities to catch various types of fish.

Members-Only Fishing Spots Members of OSRS have access to a wide range of fishing spots across the game world. Some popular locations include Catherby, Fishing Guild, and Shilo Village. These spots offer a greater variety of fish and higher experience rates.

4. Leveling Up Fishing

Beginner Fishing Levels (1-20) At lower levels, players can start by net fishing in spots like Lumbridge or Draynor Village to catch shrimp and anchovies. These fish provide minimal experience but are essential for leveling up.

Intermediate Fishing Levels (20-40) As players progress, they can switch to bait fishing and catch trout and salmon in spots like Barbarian Village or the river near Shilo Village. This method offers better experience rates.

Advanced Fishing Levels (40-99) At higher levels, players can explore more advanced methods like fly fishing, harpoon fishing, and cage fishing. These methods provide higher experience rates and access to valuable fish like sharks and anglerfish.

5. Fishing Quests

Fishing quests in OSRS provide unique challenges and rewards. Some notable quests include the Sea Slug, Fishing Contest, Swan Song, and Dragon Slayer II. Completing these quests can grant experience boosts, access to new fishing spots, and special fishing-related items.

6. Fishing for Profit

High-Level Fishing Methods At higher levels, players can engage in profitable fishing methods such as catching sharks, anglerfish, or dark crabs. These high-level fish can be sold for significant profits.

Fishing Resources and Their Value Certain fishing resources, such as raw fish, caskets, or fish roe, can be valuable when traded in the game’s economy. Keeping an eye on the market prices of these resources can help maximize profit.

Trading Fish for Profit Players can sell their caught fish directly to other players or utilize the Grand Exchange, a marketplace where players can buy and sell items. Understanding market trends and timing your sales can yield better profits.

7. Fishing Tips and Tricks

Utilizing Fishing Boosts Various items, equipment, and consumables can provide temporary boosts to your fishing level. Utilizing these boosts can help you access higher-level fishing spots and catch rarer fish.

Minimizing Time Wasted Efficiency is key when fishing. Minimize time wasted by choosing fishing spots close to bank locations, utilizing shortcuts, and optimizing your inventory setup.

Efficient Inventory Management Maintaining a balanced inventory setup is crucial. Keep a mix of fishing equipment, tools, and space for the fish you catch. This will ensure smooth fishing sessions without unnecessary interruptions.

8. Fishing Events and Activities

Fishing Trawler Participating in the Fishing Trawler minigame can be a fun and rewarding experience. Players work together to prevent a ship from sinking while catching unique fish and earning experience.

Tempoross Tempoross is a challenging fishing boss encounter introduced in OSRS. It requires players to cooperate and utilize their fishing skills to defeat the mighty sea serpent and earn unique rewards.

Minnow Fishing Minnow fishing is a specialized method that allows players to catch minnows, a bait used for catching sharks. This method provides higher experience rates and can be found in the Fishing Guild.

9. Fishing Skillcape and Perks

Obtaining the Fishing Skillcape Reaching level 99 in the fishing skill allows players to purchase and wear the prestigious Fishing Skillcape. This cape serves as a symbol of mastery and achievement.

Perks of the Fishing Skillcape The Fishing Skillcape provides various benefits, including a 1 in 3 chance of catching two fish at once and a temporary fishing level boost once per day. It is a valuable item for dedicated fishermen.


Mastering the art of fishing in Old School RuneScape can be a rewarding and profitable endeavor. By understanding the different fishing methods, locations, and leveling strategies, you can become a skilled angler in Gielinor. Whether you’re fishing for sustenance, profit, or the thrill of the catch, remember to enjoy the journey and immerse yourself in the vibrant fishing community of OSRS.


1. How long does it take to reach level 99 in fishing? The time it takes to reach level 99 in fishing depends on various factors, including the fishing method used, player efficiency, and dedication. On average, it can take several weeks of consistent gameplay.

2. Can fishing be trained alongside other skills? Yes, fishing can be trained simultaneously with other skills in OSRS. Many players combine fishing with cooking, as they can cook the fish they catch for additional experience in the cooking skill.

3. Are there any fishing competitions or events in OSRS? Yes, OSRS periodically holds fishing competitions and events where players can compete against each other or engage in cooperative activities. These events often provide unique rewards and a sense of community.

4. Can fishing be profitable in OSRS? Yes, fishing can be a profitable skill in OSRS. Higher-level fish such as sharks and anglerfish can be sold for substantial profits, especially when the player reaches higher fishing levels.

5. Are there any alternative ways to train fishing in OSRS? Apart from traditional fishing methods, players can also gain fishing experience through activities like Barbarian Fishing, which combines fishing with Agility and Strength training. This method provides a more dynamic experience and can be faster for leveling up fishing.

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